Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home(???) Week 1 - The First Week Back

Dear Family and Friends, 

     You have probably heard, but I have had the opportunity to do some interesting things over the last week... WAIT! Let me start at the beginning...

     So last Thursday, after writing you all an awesome letter about my fortune in the MTC, my day became far more interesting than my already interesting but average P-day. I first was able to go with Elder Dalling (who also has an ankle sprain- luckily not a break though) to the clinic (OH MY GOSH! THE OUTSIDE WORLD IS CRAZY!). This trip involved seeing lots of old people and Elder Dalling being allowed to soak his foot in a hot tub. That's the closest any of us are coming to going swimming for the next two years. (NOTE: For any of you that have heard that the reason Elders can't go in the water is in the D&C- that's not true. It is simply because more accidents happen near swimming pools, both physical and temptation wise. Oh and for all of my friends not in the Church- its not because we melt or are witches. No worries) And no worries anyone. The only other people in the pool room was either over 65 or 300 lbs. (Or in other words- Doing Water Aerobics.)

     Anyway because of that trip, we weren't able to go to the temple. Sad day. But that allowed us to get back to the classroom, write our letters to the Branch President, drop our stuff off (we planned to come as a district and hang out for our last P-day while we wrote letters and such) and then get to lunch early. After lunch we went back to the dorms where everyone decided that they really didn't want to go back to the classroom.... This made it so that I had NOTHING! No letter writing materials, no scriptures, NOTHING! I bugged them about everyone saying that they were going to go to the class but they just shrugged it off. I was... unhappy... to say the least. Finally I convinced them to AT LEAST go check and if nobody was at the class, grab my stuff. They come back 15 minutes later empty handed and with the news that no one is at the class. I stared at them for about 45 seconds before they realized what they had forgotten. Yep. So I had nothing to do again. They said they were sorry and I forgave them and decided to just at least take a nap...

     15 minutes later I wake up. Really suddenly. My roommates have left to go get their haircuts they need because they are leaving on Monday for the field. I am a bit frustrated about not having anything to do but right then a thought pops into my mind, "Its not their fault. There is a reason that I made them forget your things. There is something for you to learn today." Wellllll Okay. Not going to argue with that. As I sit up a memory pops into my mind of my MTC teacher counseling me that I need to serve my companions; maybe shine their shoes sometime? Man- it was intense. So I get to work. And right as I'm starting to re-lace the shoes, my companions come in. Their faces were like, "oh man. Our cripple companion just shined our shoes after we forgot his stuff..." (Which is funny because it was exactly the circumstances that had occurred) They said thanks and that they looked good but not much more, which is what I wanted. No pomp. No circumstance. Just service.

     Then I get called down to the District Presidents office. He sits me down and tells me that they talked about me that morning. They discussed several options but that in the end, there was just no room.
(In my head: Wait... What?) ...I had to be sent home for the next 4-6 weeks and then go straight back on my mission... (I'm freaking out now) ...And that I would be released. (World officially shattered.) Oh and that I had the OPTION of picking between that night or the next morning!!!!

     I finally understood. I wasn't needed at the MTC. I was needed at home for something. When the President asked what I thought, I am proud to say that I was able to look him in the eye and tell him that whatever God wanted of me, I would go and do. Furthermore, I understood why God made my companions forget my things. It was so I could, just for one day, forget myself and serve them. Throughout the MTC, I thought I was serving them by trying to help them be better at following the rules or Spanish, or just... I don't know... something. But it took till that experience to forget myself and truly love my companions. I am so grateful for that. I sat my companions down when I got back to the apartment and told them the news. We all had a good (BUT MANLY) cry about it. Then got to work. I had to be packed by morning.

Packed - Less than 5 hours after talking to President Jenkins

     At 9:20 the next morning I had my things packed into the car, and I was driving away from the MTC.

President Sonne Wishing Me Luck

¡Adios CCM!

     I'm really sorry about how long this is. I just don't know where to cut things out. But I want you all to understand- God has a plan. And we HAVE to be in tune. We must be submissive to the will of the Father. If we do that, we will come to understand all things and at the last day, we will be able to stand and say, "Yes Lord, I did all I could. I knew those trials were to strengthen me. And I thank you for what I have become." This is my prayer and testimony.

     I love you all so much,

            (Temporarily not an Elder) Zeegan George

P.S. I will be home for 6 weeks. The next transfer day is April 1. (I know its April Fool's day- but its not a joke) So come see me! I spend my days studying Spanish and the Gospel. On April 1, I will be going directly to the Tucson Arizona Mission. I do not know what my purpose is in being home, but I very much intend to be a tool in the Hand of the Lord while I am here. ¡Vaya con Dios!

This is pretty much what I'll be looking like for the next 6 weeks. :)
Come see me!